Cornerstone Veterinary Clinic

81 Davison Ct
Lockport, NY 14094


We invite you to take a tour of our clinic

Reception Desk  
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Examination Rooms 
We have three examination rooms, one equipped with a hydraulic lift table for large dogs.

Exam room 1 exam room 2

We can dispense most medications your pet may need during their appointment.
Also we have an online pharmacy, where medication can easily be order from.

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Laboratory Station 
Our Licensed Veterinary Technicians run laboratory work in-house for ill patients
that the doctors have the information we need to treat your pet faster.
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Treatment Area 

This is where we do common procedures such as ear cleanings,
pre-operative blood draws, and dental cleanings. 
Surgical and hospitalized pets are usually in this main area so we can watch them closely.

Surgical Suite Digital Radiology Suite
This is where we perform routine procedures
such as spays and neuters, as well as
certain other more specialized surgeries.

Large Kennel Runs

Our clinic is equipped with 4 kennel/runs to allow
our larger patients to stretch out more comfortably.