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Deciding on the aftercare of your pet’s remains is very personal and a decision that only you can make.
There are three options available to choose from, which are further explained below:

1.) Individual cremation 
2.) Communal cremation 
3.) Home burial

If you select one of the cremation options, our veterinarn staff will lovingly take care for your pet after they pass.
We also will provide ink paw prints if you would like some.

Individual Cremation
With this option, your pet will be privately cremated at Final Gift crematory.
We choose our crematory based on a number of top-quality attributes.
The absolutely most important attribute is that our doctors would trust them with their own pet
See below for Individual Cremation Urns.

Communal Cremation
Your pet will be cremated alongside other beloved pets and their ashes will be scattered or buried together by the Final Gift crematory.

Home Burial
If you elect to bury your pet at home, make sure to check the local regulations in your area. Our veterinary staff do not assist with burial preparations.

.Cedar Memorial Urn 

Remembrance Urn     

 Hand-Carved Rosewood Urn


Blue Decorative Metal Urn

Tan Decorative Metal Urn   

Blue Scattered Tube Urn